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I began offering music lessons to the general public in the summer of 2010. I was fairly new to teaching and was sort of reinventing the wheel as I went about forming a lesson plan for my students. It quickly occurred to me that most younger people are not that interested in learning music theory and proper hand position while staring at abstract notes and symbols on a piece of paper but they were interested in making up their own songs. This is where the idea for The Music Lab was born. Children have an abundance of imagination and are fascinated by the sound of their own voices when recorded. I have not completely abandoned traditional teaching methods and every lesson includes some reading and discipline but the focus at The Music Lab is on bringing your imagination to life through music. I work one on one with all my students at developing song ideas, lyrics and performance. When ready, we begin recording our song, adding sounds and singing, EXPERIMENTING. The recording studio is really just a lab where you experiment with sounds. Students learn a little bit about music, a little bit about recording, a lot about collaborating and, maybe, a little bit about themselves.


The ability to create something from nothing is perhaps our greatest gift, let's show our children that they all possess this talent.


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